20 Business Study Abroad Programs For Students 2019

Business study abroad is the first step in gaining an appreciation of how the field of business is developing on a global scale. Business students who chose to study abroad will have the experimental adventure of a lifetime, by living abroad and embracing another culture and expand their business knowledge immensely.

Taking classes in business while abroad can help you meet either general education or graduation requirements, and give you applicable knowledge for any profession down the line. Studying abroad is good because white men have more teaching equipment but practical and theory aspect, so with these I think it enables you to learn and understand faster.

Below, we have presented a list of business study abroad programs for global students.

business study abroad

1. Study Business Abroad With CEA

CEA recognizes the trend toward international integration and offers business study abroad programs throughout the world that focus on not only improving knowledge but also adding weight to résumés.

Take advantage of intercultural networking opportunities and CEA’s close relationships with industry leaders in each country where it operates.

While studying business abroad with CEA, students will increase their employability by building an international network, becoming acquainted with the global business environment, and beefing up their résumés with valuable skills and experiences.

2. ISA Business Study Abroad: Valparaíso & Viña del Mar, Chile

Study in Valparaiso and Viña del Mar, Chile with ISA. Students can participate in a program to study business abroad at either the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso or the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez. Both are incredibly prestigious universities, focusing on different specializations.

The Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (PUCV) offers intensive month, semester, summer, back to back and internship opportunities for its students.

The Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (UAI) is AACSB accredited and offers business courses taught in English, and the ability for advanced Spanish speakers to enroll in courses with locals.

3. CEA Business Study Abroad in Seville, Spain

This small city offers a down-to-earth lifestyle and a relaxed atmosphere that allows you to dive into the Andalusian culture and still have time to focus on your academic and professional goals.

CEA has a broad range of courses available at partner universities: Pablo de Olavide, the University of Seville and EUSA University Center; or at the CEA Seville Center, located near the Giralda of Seville Cathedral and the walls of the Moorish Alcazar.

Also, the CEA Internships Abroad program offers students to privilege to study business abroad, personalized internship placements that give students hands-on, practical experience in a career field of their choosing.

4. IES Abroad Milan: Business Study Abroad

Another specialized program you should consider when comparing the best study business abroad programs is a university that offers top business school courses.

Despite the courses being taught in English, you still get access to learning from leading Italian experts and guest lecturers.

You can also still choose from house or homestay accommodations and take required Italian language classes, but the primary focus is to get you in front of field study opportunities and lecture series that will help bring you to the top of your class.

5. CEA Business Study Abroad on the French Riviera

There, you can immerse yourself in French language and culture, the Centre International d’Antibes, or take science, engineering, or business courses in English at the Bachelors Program at SKEMA Business School.

As it is home to the Cannes Film Festival, the French Riviera is a great location to engage in a hands-on internship during this world-famous event.

Excursions to cities like Provence and Grasse will round out your experience abroad.

6. ISA Study Abroad in Newcastle, Australia

Study in Australia at the University of Newcastle with ISA! The University of Newcastle offers the perfect mixture of classroom learning combined with practical skills.

A top ten research university in Australia, you can ensure an academically enriching experience while you study abroad in Australia.

ISA gives students who wish to study abroad at the University of Newcastle a hassle-free application process.

7. CEA Study Abroad in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain’s second-largest city features a cosmopolitan atmosphere, a temperate climate, marvelous art, and fantastic opportunities to learn.

To give you the widest range of options, CEA partners with some of Spain’s best universities, including the University of Barcelona, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, University of Vic, and Pompeu Fabra University.

You can study at one of these prestigious institutions, or CEA’s Barcelona Center, located in the heart of the city. You can also experience both with a hybrid learning program.

8. ISA Study Abroad in Sydney, Australia

Here, each program offers unique and exciting study opportunities, ranging from world-top ranked academic and research institutions, to specialized programs for students interested in specific fields.

Although Sydney is quite large, encompassing over 4 million people, the amazing transportation system allows for students to easily access all of the city’s trademark locations.

From the famous Bondi and Coogee beaches to the Sydney Harbour and Opera house, to the vibrant markets of Chinatown, adventures are only a train or bus ride away.

9. CEA Study Abroad in Paris, France

Imagine spending a semester in Paris, the embodiment of fine art, cuisine, and fashion.

Choose from a wide range of courses offered in both English and French. CEA partners with Paris-Sorbonne University, The Catholic University of Paris, and Novancia Business School and has a Paris Study Center.

You can take courses at one of these partner institutions, at the CEA Paris Study Center, or enroll in a hybrid learning program.

10. ISA Study Abroad in Gold Coast, Australia

Bond University provides students with the atmosphere of a U.S. campus and an academic calendar that aligns well with North America.

Popular subject areas include Business, Australian Studies, Hospitality and Tourism, Psychology and Criminology.

Griffith University is a rapidly growing, modern campus located just 20 minutes, by bus, from the famous Surfer’s Paradise beach town.

Wide arrays of academic areas are available, including popular subjects of Business, Social Sciences, and Communications.

The New York Film Academy blends a traditional film school education with hands-on experiences including writing, producing and editing original films. Participants select one of two courses at NYFA: Filmmaking or Acting for Film.

11. CEA Study Abroad in Prague, Czech Republic

CEA students choose from more than 100 courses, taught in English, across five schools at the Anglo-American University (AAU), Prague’s oldest private university. Subject areas include communication, business, Political Science, and more.

Also, to study abroad, the CEA Internships Abroad provides hands-on, practical experience in a specific career field.

12. ISA Business Study Abroad in San Jose, Costa Rica

ISA offers students the chance to study Spanish Language, Environmental Studies, Health Care, Business and Liberal Arts at Veritas University, located in the Zapote neighborhood of San José.

ISA has a great history of students being very pleased with the support, excursions, housing, and every other aspect of the program.

The excursions included with the ISA-San Jose program include trips to the Arenal Volcano, Playa Tamarindo, and Monteverde, and Manuel Antonio among others.

13. CEA Business Study Abroad in Aix-en-Provence, France

This program is designed for students at a high-intermediate or above French language proficiency.

Although courses are offered in English and French, four semesters of French are required; intermediate students are accepted on a case-by-case basis.

14. Spain: Bilbao & Getxo – International Business and Spanish Studies

USAC welcomes students to come study abroad in Bilbao/Getxo, Spain at the University of the Basque Country.

San Sebastian offers a unique view into the diversity of Spain and truly multicultural experience with over a third of the city speaking both Spanish and Basque.

Coursework at the University of the Basque Country includes Engineering, International Business, Spanish/cultural studies, and Spanish/Basque language.

The Bilbao/Getxo program is geared towards those looking to pursue a bilingual and/or an international business career.

15. ISA Business Study Abroad in Salamanca, Spain

This is the first program ISA ever offered, back in 1987, and it has retained a great reception through today.

Salamanca is a great place to study in Europe, with relative proximity to a major city (Madrid) and a retained cultural atmosphere relatively untouched by outside western influence.

The city is small enough to navigate by foot, allowing you to gain an intimate understanding of the local landscape and culture.

Known to offer some of the best and purest Spanish language and culture courses in the world, the University of Salamanca is a great place to reach the next level in your Spanish proficiency.

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16. CEA Business Study Abroad in San Jose, Costa Rica

In this program, each boasts a large international student body with a focus on international business, intensive and medical Spanish language, and health sciences. Courses are available in both Spanish and English.

In addition to studying abroad opportunities, the CEA™ Internships Abroad program provides hands-on, pre-professional experiences that will let you dive into a career field, develop the skills you need, and help you rise above the competition when applying for your dream job.

17. CEA Business Study Abroad in Florence, Italy

Florence has long been a source of inspiration for visionaries such as Galileo Galilei, Leonardo da Vinci, and Niccolò Machiavelli.

It is known for the Cathedral on the Pizza del Duomo, a domed edifice engineered by Filippo Brunelleschi, which includes an iconic bell tower rising high above the city.

This once-Roman city, established by Julius Ceasar in 59 BC and steeped in history, is the present home to fashion designers and major wine labels.

The CEA Florence Center offers a variety of learning opportunities in English and Italian where you get to explore the city with your professors as guides.

In addition to Study Abroad programs, explore CEA Internships Abroad Florence, our dynamic program that provides hands-on, practical experience to help you rise above the competition.

18. ISA Business Study Abroad in Florence, Italy

Here, students will spend time mastering their artistry in one of the most diverse artistic cities in the world in so many facets.

They will explore all of the history and architecture that Florence has in store to get a lifetime worth of inspiration.

ISA offers excursions that are included in the program cost. Destinations include Rome, Cinque Terre, Siena, and central Italy.

Students will immerse themselves in the culture of Italy during an amazing semester or summer abroad.

19. ISA Business Study Abroad in Dublin, Ireland

In this young and international city, ISA students will have a wonderful time exploring the Irish heritage in the country’s capital.

Students can choose from courses at Trinity College, University College Dublin, and Maynooth University.

20. ISA Business Study Abroad in Paris, France

ISA takes care to ensure that every student can have the most unforgettable experience as possible.

With possible excursions to Belgium, Aix-en-Provence/Cassis, the Loire Valley, and more, there is plenty of excitement during this trip abroad.

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