60 Best Agricultural Business ideas for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

This article is all about the 60 best agricultural business ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs. Agriculture has always been one of man’s ways of making money and even with the advent of seemingly more lucrative and attractive jobs like working in the petroleum industry and other such white-collar jobs.

Agriculture has since moved on from the subsistence ways of practicing agriculture to a large scale, commercial agriculture. To date, most countries of the world still have GDPs which are mostly dependent on Agriculture.

Countries like Argentina, China, the U.S.A, Australia and so many more still have economies with agriculture being one of the most important contributions and biggest sources of income and employment.

Over the years, many firms have invested heavily in agriculture and developed the agricultural industry. Lots and lots of money are being pumped into the agricultural sectors and even to agricultural research institutes to fund researches which would revolutionize the way and methods agriculture is being practiced. That’s why am introducing 60 best agricultural business ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Best Agricultural Business

Agriculture is so diverse and broad that sometimes one might be lost in choosing where to start from. The vastness of agriculture would certainly leave aspiring entrepreneurs as little at sea and asking which are the best agriculture business ideas to start as an aspiring entrepreneur.

Best Agriculture Business Ideas for Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

There are so many best agriculture business ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs to start but of the countless ones, these are the top 60 we have chosen:

1. Cucumber farming

The demand for cucumbers is very high and the process involved in producing the fruits isn’t really tedious and the has a fast life cycle too. cucumber business is also part of the best agricultural business ideas.

2. Catfish farming

Catfish is a highly sort after fish along with salmon and trout. The demand for this is very high as long as you know how to manage fish ponds properly. Be careful when handling catfish so as not to incur losses because, while sturdy, catfish are carnivorous too. And it’s also the best agricultural business ideas.

The effluent from the pond could be used for aquaponics or aquaculture as the wastewater is rich in nitrogenous compounds which are required by plants. It is common to find fish ponds operating aquaponics alongside.

3. Plantain Flour Production and Sale

The demand for plantain flour, especially by diabetic patients as a food supplement, is very high. You could even supply directly to hospitals and clinics or to patients who need the flours or even persons who just want to consume plantain flour. this is very important as it’s also the best agricultural business idea.

4. Poultry Farming

You probably even considered poultry farming when considering the best agricultural business ideas and it is for many reasons. Poultry farming very lucrative if well managed and maintained.

5. Chicken and egg distribution business

6. Flour milling

7. Cassava Farming

8. Vegetable farming

9. Snail Farming

10. Pig Snail Farming

11. Goat farming

12. Rabbit farming

13. Fresh vegetable selling

14. Fish Hatching Business

15. Cassava Processing Business

16. Florist or horticulture business

17. Rice Farming Business

18. Cashew nut exportation

19. Maize farming

20. Maize flour production

21. Tomato farming

22. Melon farming

23. Agro-Export Agent

24. Agro-product e-commerce website

25. Agro-information website

Create and maintain a website that is updated frequently with agriculture information which would be of assistance to users.

26. Fertilizer sale

27. Biogas production

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You could make biogas from animal and plant waste on your farm or sourced from other farms.

28. Biogas sale

29. Biofuel production

30. Biofuel sale

31. Organic fertilizer production

32. Organic animal food supplement

33. Tomato Processing Business

34. Agro-produce middleman

35. Fresh juice production

36. Fodder Growing Business

37. Palm oil production

38. Palm oil sale

39. Palm kernel shell exportation and importation

Note: Palm kernel shell demand is very high especially as it is used to produce biofuels.

40. Vegetable oil production

41. Meat preservation and sales

42. Wheat business

43. Fruit salad business

44. Grasscutter Farming

45. Banana flour production

46. Soybean flour business

47. Yam business

48. Agricultural extension services

49. Animal breeding services

50. Farm machinery repair and maintenance services

51. Farm machinery hiring services

52. Technical assistance to farmers

53. Rural to urban transportation of farm products

You could help be the bridge for rural farmers to urban-dwelling consumers.

54. Crab, prawn and shellfish business

55. Snaking farming

The demand for snake venom by pharmaceutical industries is very high. Snakes could also be raised as pets, for consumption, for research and more.

56. Veterinary services

57. Fruit farming

58. Fruit business

59. Poultry meat breeding – broilers

60. Poultry eggs production

As an aspiring entrepreneur, you need to study how a particular agriculture business works, especially in your locality. Read books, what videos, read articles and more about the best agricultural business you want to go into.

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