How To Start A Profitable Laptop Accessories Business In Nigeria

Hello i want to share with those who have interest in Laptop Accessories Business, how they can start in Nigeria easily and make #100k plus profit. This will be my first post i’m going to give details where you can get the item if needed to.


Many Nigerians want to go into laptop accessories business. Currently we are archiving over 35 laptops sales daily over the past 2 years and people are still buying everyday. Nigerians now need laptop/computer in all they do. Students uses laptops for project, website design class, computer training class and many more so many offices and companies business depend on internet and computer is what they need to have things done. The use of laptop computer in Nigeria has grown beyond imagination.

This has made the idea of laptop accessories business become very lucrative in Nigeria. This is a nice business to start now if you have the startup capital and have interest in the business. From laptop accessories business you can become a millionaire if well planned. So of the people who started this business few years ago that i know then now travel to China to import accessories in large quantity to supply to wholesalers in Nigeria. This shows that the laptop accessories business is profitable and doing well in Nigeria.

Some people need to replace their burnt or spoiled charges whole some others need to get battery for their laptop and some are looking for other accessories to buy. The most fast selling laptop accessories are
  1. Laptop Batteries
  2. Laptop Chargers
  3. Flash Drive
  4. SD Cards
  5. Earpiece
  6. Laptop Ram
  7. Laptop Hard disk
  8. Laptop Keyboard

This 5 mentioned items are the must common required accessories in Laptop. There are others though but the requested for are the above listed items. If you wish to start laptop accessories business, then you must look into any of this items in order to be making fast sales.

When we talk of starting a business like this, some of us will want to give excuses such as no money to rent a shop, this and that. The fact remain that life has gone beyond when you needed a shop to start business like this. At this time things are no longer done with just a shop alone. I’m not saying it’s not good to have a shop, how about when you don’t have money that could rent shop and attain you business properly. Why not think straight and start with what you have.

You can start this business with a minimum of #100,000 in Nigeria, and as for the maximum amount, there is no maximum amount. You can start with Five Million Ten Million etc.

Depend on your startup capital. If you are starting small then there is no need of getting a shop, you can purchase your laptop accessories from wholesalers and post them online such as jumia, olx, facebook page, konga, jiji, sales center and more. With good promotion you can start making money. When you acquired enough money from that method then you can proceed to get a shop.

For those of you who have good amount of money to start this business, the right thing to do is to go get a shop at a busy mall or plaza. After that then get your item from wholesalers in Nigeria. There are some laptop accessories wholesalers in Nigeria that i will be giving out their contact before i end this post.
laptop accessories in Nigeria.jpeg
The amount of item you would want to purchase depend on your capital, you may decide to load your shop full of items. Make sure you go for the original products, though they are more expensive there worth going for as they will build customers trust.

Market Your Business Nationwide Online

After having you shop set, the next thing is to find a way to reach out to customers. You can’t archive that while just seating at your shop, there is something more than having a shop. If you are not making any sales there is every probability you won’t be happy with yourself nor your business.

Every one knows how to set up a shop, but how do grow your laptop accessories business is the major goal why we are here. As i have always said, internet has taken over everything in the world of business. In the internet you can reach people that are not even in same city with you. People who couldn’t have come to your shop can find you from the help of internet.

If you should adopt the use of internet for you business, there is a guarantee that you will excel except you don’t know what you are doing or not focus or even God is not on your side. To start, go to jumia seller center and create account with your business details. If you don’t know jumia, it’s an online shop where someone can go and order something online and the next thing the item gets delivered to the buyer at his/her house.

At beginning jumia was offering payment on delivery where the item gets to you first before paying for it, but have to stop the payment on delivery feature due to rubbering incident that took place sometimes ago in 2017. Jumia and konga are the most popular online shops in Nigeria with over millions of buyers daily.

Due to the fact that jumia don’t have all the product to sell to their buyers, they introduced a means to allow business owners to sell their products on their platform and take commission.If you become seller on jumia, then you have nothing to worry at all. Jumia will take care of every stress for you, both receipt, delivery and collection of the item money.

On jumia, there is nothing they don’t sell there. Your laptop computer accessories will be a mega sales on jumia. So many people has been selling on jumia already, the good thing is that you have reserved the right of giving your item any price that suites you.

Promote on Facebook

Facebook is another amazing place to promote your business to get more customers. You can run advert campaign on facebook to get more sales. The process is easy, all you need is a Facebook page and some cash for advertisement. You can learn how to create a facebook page for free here.

Sell on Jiji and Olx

This two mentioned website are classified website known as online market place where anybody can go and list his/her item for sale easily. You can list your laptop accessories on both of this website for free. Though jiji is no longer functioning well due too much interest for money showing only boosted ads, olx is still a better option to follow.

If you can handle your online marketing very well, you will discover that you will be getting orders from people are are not even in same city with you. You can even become a wholesaler to retailers due to your price. Note that so many people are reselling at different states, if your price is cheap and affordable they may likely make your their supplier if your business come wide in front of them.

Get A Business Website

It will be a good idea to have a business website where customers can easily place order on your items at anytime. It will help you gain more sales because google will be ranking your website and if you could make front page, your sales will become high.

Start Importation of Laptops Computer Accessories

Don’t relent because you are now making too much money. It time to start importation accessories from China direct so your business can gain more upper hands and make more profits. You can start with online importation, buying online from China and have them packaged and shipped to Nigeria.

I have direct contact with company that deal on laptop accessories in China but i won’t be dropping their number here. If you need it, find way to reach me. Don’t think it wrong, i won’t be charging a damn to give it to you, just that i don’t want to expose it here without their permission. You can message me here if you needs it.

You can as well order online on website such as I will be writing on how to start importation with this website soon. You can follow me here so you be the first to get it when it release. just use the follow button on my profile if you are a member of this forum, if you are not yet then register and follow me.

You can as well start making an effort to travel to China to see how things are done there and make direct contact and start the main importation of charger to Nigeria. If you become an importer then you don’t have to wait to start selling to retailers. You just supply to wholesalers and place another order. The faster the sales the richer you become. You can have some on your shop for sale but your major focus should be supplying to wholesalers.

I order for you to travel to China, you will need a China visa, passport and some other minor requirements. But the most important document needed is international passport and visa. The visa process is really taking too long now, we hope they improve on it soon.In the beginning of this post i said i’m going to share contact some laptop computer accessories dealers in Nigeria where you can start buying from to resell.

I will be giving you two contact of different person, they are both in Lagos state however for those outside Lagos state, you can negotiate delivery or you come to Lagos to get it at your first order.I have confirmed that laptop accessories are cheap from this sources, that is why i decided giving out their contact on this thread after getting their permission.

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Alex Computers

Alex computers is a direct importer of laptop accessories. He has all the accessories you could ever think of such as mouse, keyboard, earpiece, flash drive, chargers for all kinds of laptops, batteries for all kind of laptops.
Company Name: Alex Computers Ltd
Name: Alex
Contact Number: 08164694083
Address: Opposite Sky Bank, Computer Village Ikeja, Lagos State

Note that Mr Alex don’t deal on laptop ram and hard drive. If you want to buy hard or ram then call 08032895413. This person is at computer village Ikeja also. You can find out anything you want to know from them by calling any of them.

I will stop the thread here at this point, i’m so tired now. If you have any question, feel free to ask.

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